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Woson Medical | We Practice Health!

Vocation to Provide Health Services

Since its inception, Woson Medical has been manufacturing quality spare parts for major international brands. From 2000, the PURPLEDENTAL (equipment and devices), WOQUTE (dental consumables) and PARSON (accessories and spare parts) brands were added to the WOSON GROUP to meet the demand of those brands and guarantee their satisfaction.

Since then, Woson manufacturing processes, in full accordance with the guidelines of the ISO-13485 Quality Management System for medical devices, guarantee quality and high performance to their products and services, generating confidence in their network of "partners , which resulted in a great growth in the international market.

Today, WOSON is present in more than 100 countries, advancing and consolidating its brand in the world market. It is also established in Holland, Poland, India, Russia, USA, Mexico and Brazil. And the choice of the Woson Medical Meishan Health Industry project to integrate the

Ningbo Meishan International Logistics Industrial Group aims at new directions - the international consolidation of one of the main global brands, with its industry, commerce and service delivery network dedicated to the Health segment.

  • Mission

    "Willing to smile" expresses the essence of our mission. Woson, from the conception of its products to its use with the patient of the health professional, wishes to contribute to the quality of life of all. Everyone's smile is the energy that moves us.

  • View

    Develop projects, promote innovations, manufacture and distribute quality products, always providing pre- and post-sales services, to build relationships and deserve the trust of our clients, so that they offer their patients safety and well-being.

  • Values

    Woson Medical values ​​values ​​that constitute, therefore, its Code of Conduct built with transparency and commitment to the quality of life of all. Its decisions and actions at all levels, plus innovative solutions, pursued with courage by its Center of Intelligence and R & D, take into account its internal collaborators, partners, clients and patients. Security and the common good are stony clauses. The center of everything is the human person.

Meisham Project, A New Era Is Announced

In 2013, the Chinese Government proposed to create a regional economic belt, with a view to national development: the Meishan Health Industry. In 2016, with the Yangtze River Economic Belt Development Symposium, a green development green policy was created, with a sustainable economic growth strategy between China and its partners.

Since 2017, Woson Medical has expanded into the international market with six subsidiaries - the US, India, Russia, Poland, Mexico and Brazil - a research and development base - and two service centers in Italy and the Netherlands, with capillarity through two hundred agents spread over 136 countries. 

In 2018, the Woson Medical Meishan Health Industry project was approved in an area of ​​50 hectares, with an investment of more than 200 million yuan or 40 million dollars. In addition to the physical structure, this project develops New Management Intelligence, with digitalization of the medical-industrial complex and new globalization network, introducing technology, human resources and foreign equipment, with a strong emphasis on R & D, manufacture, sale and distribution of products for Health, both medical and dental.

A new era is announced for Woson Medical and all its partners.

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